… this blog.

When you throw together some water and flour, and let it sit for a time, you’ll hopefully get a sourdough starter. The longer it sits and bubbles up, the better it will be. The more flavor, the better the age. All in all it will just produce a better product. Not unlike this blog.

It will be thrown together with some food stuff, some drink stuff, and some humor stuff which hopefully will result in something that you will find useful and at minimum get a good chuckle from.

… abby

Abby is a life long cook. Always fascinated by food, some of her earliest memories are with her family at the dinner table and in the kitchen. She ate and learned with her grandparents and parents, which cultivated a love of food and cooking for people. She started writing in the fifth grade when she was inspired to start a school newspaper while reading the Sweet Valley Twins book series. She’s never far from pen and paper, nor a kitchen.



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